Mrs. Londoner's more than 15 years of experience has spanned multiple areas of discipline within the entertainment business.  From acting, to script development, to business affairs, physical production, talent management, brand building, and now producing, all giving her a unique perspective on the business. Some of her television production credits include NBC shows The Restaurant (season 1 & 2), The Apprentice, MTV's BattleGrounds: King of the World (with director Derek Cianfrance), and Boiling Points.  In film, Mrs. Londoner was part of the production team for films The Station Agent and Lovely By Surprise and most recently produced the award winning film, On The Ice.  Mrs. Londoner is currently focusing on the development of both film and scripted television projects, as well as sitting on the advisory board for the Berkshire International Film Festival, and moderating the Filmmakers Summit.

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Mr. Londoner has worked in film and television for over twenty-five years.  As a Producer, Mr. Londoner most recently completed the production On The Ice, which was filmed entirely within the Arctic Circle.  The film premiered in dramatic competition at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and then won Best First Feature and Crystal Bear awards at the 2011 Berlin Film Festival.  Prior to this, he produced the film Lovely By Surprise (New American Cinema Special Jury Prize) and was both a producer and AD on The Photographer (New York Film Festival Vision Award).  His varied experiences include work as the AD on such titles as the Emmy winning television series, Daredevil and Blue Bloods.  In feature films Mr. Londoner has worked on titles such as the Academy Award nominated The Contender, as well as Prozac Nation, and The Wendell Baker Story.   In the reality television field, Mr. Londoner has worked as both Field Producer and Production Manager on such popular shows as America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway.   Mr. Londoner continues to develop and produce both television and feature film projects, as well as direct and moderate The Filmmakers Summit for the Berkshire International Film Festival.

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